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ESB Yazılım Web Sayfası
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Easy Updating

You can edit your website without any problems and make your updates according to your wishes. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your site active by easily updating your site through your panel. Use effectively and efficiently to improve your site and yourself, not for updates that take your time, with easy and unlimited update possibilities.

Panel and Phone Support

You can carry out the whole process starting from the purchasing phase with support. Compared to similar ones, Kosi Web is a completely local application. With every call, you will find an interlocutor who can understand your language and provide you with the fastest service.

ESB Yazılım Web Sayfası
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ESB Yazılım Web Sayfası
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Mobile Compatible Web Design

What do you need to spend thousands of dollars on when a simple and stylish web page does your job? KOSI SOP offers exactly the web page you need at the lowest cost.

Order Form

Fill in the form below to answer your questions and complete your order. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • 499₺+KDV

KOSİ SOP One Page Website

With KOSI SOP, you can reach your website in seconds!

KOSI Web is a very economical website technology that allows you to create mobile compatible web design by filling out a form, thanks to its 100% mobile compatible and user-friendly panel.
Along with your economic website, there is a detailed user manual that explains the use of all functions in a clear language and training videos where all the functions of the product are explained in practice.

What will I get with KOSİ SOP?

With KOSI SOP, you can set up your mobile compatible website without knowing any code, just by filling out a form.
As KOSI SOP is mobile compatible, it has a web design suitable not only for computers but also for both tablet and mobile devices.

By choosing one of the themes specially created for KOSİ SOP, you can create your economic web design according to your request.

With KOSI SOP, the installation of your economic website and mobile compatible web design will be completed on the same day your request is opened.