Restaurant Management System

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Restoran Yönetim Sistemi


restoran yönetim sistemi

With Restaurant Management System

  • Thanks to our Restaurant Software, you will have a business that you manage safely,

  • With ESB Restaurant Software, you can track monthly income and expense,

  • You can easily get paid with pos integration,

  • With the business design feature of ESB Restaurant Software, you can bring your system to the way it is in your own business, thus avoiding problems such as confusion,

  • Thanks to the easy-to-use panel of our restaurant program, you have the opportunity to update 24/7,

  • Thanks to the modular structure of ESB Restaurant Software, you can create the most suitable package for your business.

Restaurant Management System

What is Restaurant Management System?
The Restaurant Management System allows businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars to track their income and expense, the cash register computer, main computer and ordering devices (devices such as phones, tablets with IOS or Android operating systems) work in coordination, send notifications, make table arrangements to their businesses. It is a package made by 100% ESB where they can place them properly, add and remove tables can be done easily, and instant orders can be followed.

Restaurant Management Software & Benefits

With Restaurant Management System,

  • income and expense tracking,
  • current account tracking,
  • order tracking.

The Restaurant Management System does this for you!
Moreover, you can speed up your package services with instant notifications if you wish to integrate Yemeksepeti and phone into ESB Restaurant Software in these days when fast ordering means happy customers.

Yemeksepeti Integration

With ESB Restaurant Software, we aim to reach more masses by integrating Yemeksepeti into your system optionally.
As soon as an order is placed on, a notification will be sent to your system and thus you will receive your order.

Phone Order Support

By using Caller ID technology, when you call from the phone numbers integrated into your computer, you can access the information of your previously registered customer, enter their orders simultaneously with the ESB Restaurant Software and print the bill with a single click.

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